Bri Elledge

Bri Elledge is a professional photographer with over seven years of experience working in the photography field. Offering photo services such as lookbook & catalogue, ad campaign, social media marketing content, portrait, editorial and fashion photography. She also has extensive knowledge & experience in retouching & conceptual design and is available to consult on creative direction for photography projects. 

The purpose of Bri's work, in addition to her photographic projects and conceptual collaborations, is to advance the goals of artists, and to work together  to further the success of the whole artistic community. Bri believes that the artistic spirit is best allowed to thrive when helping others achieve their goals, versus only pushing for ones own achievements. She believes that as we help others make their dreams a reality, the artistic community as a whole benefits, and flourishes.

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***Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site were taken by Bri Elledge.